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The Play

Thought I would write a little something for World Poetry Day.

The Play

It’s the space between the sounds that screams the loudest
The pause amid the din
The lull in the clanging
The silent nagging of shadowy thoughts
Swirling in the mind
Fragments scattered to the edges of dreaming
Isolated in the theatre of worst imaginings
Fear swoops in camouflaged in finery
A villain masked by consent
A contagion of dis-ease
A performer on the stage
A story caught in moment
And we
The audience to the play
Applause for its theatrical monologues
Oh the dramatic percussions
We bow to your illusions
And beg for your reprise
Over and over and over
Until the curtains close
And the lights dim
The audience leaves
And applause fades on the whisper of night
The theatre stands still and expectant
For the next play
For another tragedy to amuse willing spectators
Waiting with breath bated
The thrill of terror
Inviting us to play.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro, Pexels

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