Find your Soul Song

Find your Soul Soul is a 5 hour session that helps you discover and connect to your Strengths, Passions, Values and Tribe.

Soul Song is not about finding the perfect career or business, although many people earn a living with their Soul Song, rather it’s your reason for getting up in the morning. It’s your passions and purpose – your WHY and your HOW! It’s your unique combination of what you love (passions), what you are good at (strengths), what is important to you (values) and who you want to serve/walk with on your journey (tribe).

You might love writing or singing, health or yoga, or love spending time with young people or all these things. You might have a burning desire to volunteer with a charity or travel – whatever it is, Finding your Soul Song will help you to discover your creative and unique expression in the world.

We will start the session with a meditation and intuitive reading to help set your intentions for the session, followed by a process to connect with your Strengths, Passions, Values and Tribe. The workshop includes opportunities for self-reflection and sharing your discoveries and concludes with a Reiki session (full day) or visualisation.

Group sessions also available (for 5 -12 people).

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"Thank you Annette for helping me to sing my Soul Song! You were warm and open from the get go and I felt completely at ease in sharing my pain, hopes and dreams. I particularly enjoyed the reading and Reiki components, both of which were firsts for me but I don't think they will be the last!" - Lisa Boland

"Annette provides an inviting space that allows you to open up and feel guided and supported. She has created an environment that is safe and nurturing which allows you to delve deep inside yourself and uncover your inner most desires and dreams. Finding Your Soul Song is an invaluable and rewarding experience." - Melinda Hunter

"Annette's Soul Song Session is a phenomenal experience. It's the perfect combination of healing, introspection, guided work and self discovery. Annette's approach is gentle, personalised and focused. I walked away feeling so clear, calm and balanced. Even now - two weeks later - I'm feeling the wonderful impacts of this glorious session! This is self-care at its best and definitely something worth investing in! Thank you Annette for sharing your amazing gifts with the world. I'm forever grateful!" - Marianne Zander



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